Window Cleaning Sydney Prices

Window Cleaning Sydney Prices

Many homeowners struggle with understanding what to expect in terms of costs, which vary significantly based on numerous factors, from the size of your home to the condition of your windows. It can be difficult to navigate prices of window cleaning services in Sydney, particularly if you are trying to fit the services into a tight household budget. 

Window cleaning prices in Sydney for single-story homes range from $449 for 2-3 bedrooms to $595 for 5+ bedrooms, and for two-story homes from $449 for 3-4 bedrooms to $695 for 5+ bedrooms.

If you’re looking for clear, detailed insights into how these prices are structured, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more about the prices of window cleaning services in Sydney.

Window Cleaning Sydney Prices – A Quick Guide

In Sydney, window cleaning service prices are mainly determined by the size and structure of your home. For example, cleaning a 2-3 bedroom single-story house typically costs about $449, while larger two-story homes with more than five bedrooms might cost up to $695. 

Additional factors that could affect pricing include the complexity of the window structures, the presence of special features like skylights or balustrades, and whether deep track cleaning is required. By considering these elements, you can better prepare for the costs associated with keeping your windows sparkling clean.

Ready to Sparkle? Let Us Brighten Your Windows!

Considering the range of factors like size, complexity and additional services that can affect window cleaning costs, it’s essential to get a personalised quote that fits your specific needs. If you reside in the Sutherland Shire region, St George region, Eastern Suburbs region, Inner West region or South Coast NSW, Action Property Services is here to serve you. 

Our team is ready to provide a detailed consultation to help understand your requirements and offer the best possible service tailored just for you. Don’t settle for less—contact us today at 0410 366 133 or visit our Contact Us page to finalise your quote and see the difference professional window cleaning can make!

Factors Affecting the Cost of Window Cleaning in Sydney

Prices can vary significantly based on a range of elements from the physical characteristics of your property to the specific cleaning requirements demanded. Check out these various factors that can influence the overall cost of window cleaning services in Sydney to help you in budgeting and ensuring you can find a service that matches your specific needs. 


Typically, prices increase with the number of bedrooms and the number of stories. For instance, single-story homes in Sydney might see prices starting at $449 for 2-3 bedrooms, increasing to $595 for homes with 5 or more bedrooms. 

Conversely, two-story homes start at $449 for 3-4 bedrooms but can go up to $695 for those with more than five bedrooms. This variation is due to the increased effort and time required to handle larger homes with more expansive or complex window setups.

Deep Track Cleaning

Deep track cleaning involves the thorough cleansing of the window tracks, a job that goes beyond the standard wipe-down included in basic packages. This service is essential for maintaining not just the appearance but also the functionality of windows, as accumulated dirt and debris can prevent smooth opening and closing. 

The inclusion of deep track cleaning can affect your total cost, adding a layer of detail that ensures longer-lasting cleanliness and operation but also requires additional time and specialised tools.


The pre-existing condition of your windows significantly affects the pricing of cleaning services. Windows that have not been cleaned for an extended period or those exposed to harsh environmental conditions may require more intensive labour and specialised cleaning agents to restore them to a pristine condition. As such, window cleaners may charge more for these additional efforts and resources, reflecting the increased workload.


Skylights add a beautiful source of natural light to your home but can be challenging to clean due to their placement and accessibility. Cleaning skylights often requires special equipment and safety measures, which can add to the cost of window cleaning services. Companies might charge a premium for these services, given the extra risk and specialised knowledge required to effectively clean these types of windows.


Louvres, with their adjustable slats, are particularly time-consuming to clean because each slat must be addressed individually. This style of window, often found in modern architecture, demands meticulous attention to detail and significantly impacts the overall time and thus the cost of cleaning. Window cleaning services account for these complexities in their pricing models, often considering the number of louvres and the accessibility of each.


Glass balustrades on balconies and patios also require cleaning and are frequently treated as part of a comprehensive window cleaning package. Given their exposure to external conditions and their frequent usage, these glass features often accumulate fingerprints, dust and weather stains that need regular cleaning. The cost of cleaning glass balustrades is generally integrated into the overall service price, accounting for the additional labour and care required.


Several other factors like the accessibility of the windows contribute to the complexity of a window cleaning job. Higher floors or hard-to-reach areas also require specialised equipment, such as ladders or even scaffolding, to get cleaned. 

Additionally, the presence of security screens, storm windows or decorative details can complicate the cleaning process, requiring more detailed work and potentially different cleaning methodologies. Each of these elements is considered when determining the final cost of the service.

Window Cleaning Services We Offer

When it comes to glass cleaning services, clarity and precision are key. At Action Property Services, we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure your windows sparkle from every angle. Whether you need a thorough cleaning of your home or office windows, our expert team is equipped with advanced tools and techniques to deliver impeccable results.

Internal and External Window Cleaning

Our service covers both the internal and external surfaces of your windows. We handle everything from the glass itself to the tiny crevices and corners that often collect dust and debris. By cleaning both sides of the windows, we ensure a streak-free transparency that enhances the overall brightness and aesthetic of your space.

Track Wiping

Accumulated dirt and grime in the tracks of your windows can prevent them from functioning properly. Our team meticulously wipes the tracks and removes all the built-up dust, so your windows can slide smoothly and efficiently. This not only improves functionality but also prolongs the life of your windows.

Screen Removal and Washing

Wherever possible, we remove the screens from your windows and give them a thorough wash. This step is crucial for removing external contaminants that can obscure your view. Regular washing of screens helps to maintain air quality and window clarity.

Frame Cleaning

The frames of your windows are just as important as the glass. We clean them thoroughly to remove any dirt, insects or mould that may have settled in. Clean frames not only contribute to the visual appeal of your windows but also prevent potential damage and decay that could lead to more significant issues down the line.

Precision with European Engineered Tools

To ensure the highest quality of cleaning, we use precision-engineered tools from Europe. These tools are designed to offer superior cleaning power and efficiency, allowing us to tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks with ease and precision. This approach ensures that every corner of your window is perfectly clean and provides you with a clearer view and a cleaner environment.

With Action Property Services, you can expect nothing less than professional, detailed, and customer-focused glass cleaning services that transform and elevate the look of your property.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the factors that influence window cleaning Sydney prices can significantly aid in planning and managing your home maintenance expenses. The cost varies not just with the size of your home but also with the type of cleaning required and any special features your windows may have. 

Armed with this understanding, you can make more informed decisions, ensuring that you find a service that offers both value and quality, perfectly tailored to your home’s specific needs. This knowledge empowers you to maintain the clarity and beauty of your windows without unexpected financial strain.